Meet the Troupe


Beatnic Betty

Beatnic Betty has been rocking the River Valley since 2011 with her kazoo, dancing, and producing variety shows. This voluptuous vaudevillian has performed in Memphis, Little Rock, Tulsa, Wichita, to name a few! She brought her experience and a motley crew together to form True Grit & Grind Burlesque in 2013. Add her on Facebook to be friends with the burlesquer who likes to sing, dance, AND take off her pants!

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photo by Jason Crader


Mr. Kevin Honey

Kevin Honey is the token boylesque dancer of True Grit & Grind Burlesque. For those of you unfamiliar with boylesque, it’s the same as burlesque but with a man. He’s not slow like honey, but he sure is smooth. Kevin has been studying dance for 15 years and has been teaching dance for 10 years. He’s the guy that makes breaking bad look good. Add him on Facebook to catch future performances, inquire about dance classes, or for personal choreography.

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photo by Jason Crader


Moxie Cyanide

The mischievous maven, Moxie Cyanide, is the newest member of the True Grit & Grind Burlesque. From the start, miss Moxie has brought sass and her sweet ass to the stage. Her floor work will astound you and her moves will leave you picking your jaw off of the floor! Add her on Facebook, but omit the “e” as the Facebook police is often scared off names with too many X’s. No matter how many X’s are in her name, Moxie Cyanide will leave you seeing stars.

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 photos by Jason Crader


Stage Kittens - Stella Storm & Zelda Zeitgeist

They're the best! Our shows wouldn't be the smooth operations they are without the assistance of Stella and Zelda. Enjoy their teases between acts and applaud them for a job well done. 


Your Host - Jim Dick

Our emcee is the dick of all trades. Besides being TG&G's master of ceremonies, you can also catch him jamming on stage in bands Dirrty Blu and Anything or Everything. 

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photo by Jason Crader